Is FIDE Still In 1990s?

Время публикации: 30.08.2012 00:47 | Последнее обновление: 30.08.2012 00:49

I would say that current events in Istanbul should be printed on the first page. I’m talking about a well-known journalist Eugene Surov. He was forbidden to act as a journalist on Chess Olympiad. The only explanation was “we’re not allowed to let Mr. Surov in”.

All that has happened causes only bewilderment. Can we believe that such organization as FIDE still lives according to the law of the jungle (as in 90s)?

On the one hand, FIDE's President aspires to increase quantity of chess players close to billion and now chess becomes more and more popular in schools. On the other hand, we may observe latest developments in Istanbul. We may conclude that Mr. Yazici expresses the general opinion of the FIDE and Mr. Ilyumzhinov's as well. How can we bring into correlation that Mr. Yazici deprives tens of thousands of amateurs of informative reports, interviews, straight multiples, interesting videos with chess popularization in the world?

Furthermore, it is well known that Chess-News is not a commercial project, it isn’t concentrated on profit (at least now). And only few enthusiasts support this project. How is it possible to deprive chess tournament coverage with which Chess-News always provided us just because of the personal offence?

I’m not the first person in the chess world, even more, I’m just an amateur and I do not understand why did they act like this. Should we suppose that in Turkey Mr. Surov is persona non grata and terrible terrorist or a spy? Probably FIDE is not tolerant any more and now pursues a policy according sudden whim?

Why didn’t FIDE even explain it refuse to Mr. Surov?

And this is not the only question we have. But it seems that no one is going to answer them.

I'm sure that this situation would be discussed not only by chess organizations and I do hope that Mr. Karpov will not stand aside.
Nevertheless, I would like to believe that latest developments in Istanbul were only misunderstanding otherwise I even don’t want to observe this Olympiad.

I’m afraid that after this article Mr. Yazici would not allow me to visit any chess Olympiads or tournaments.

Perhaps the rules of the chess world have changed…


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