Does Evgeny Surov Need An Accreditation To Stand In The Street?

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The officers:  "We also don't know what is the reason" (AUDIO)

Soon after the editor-in-chief of Chess-News prepared photo and video spreads from the Olympiad in the conditions which are already known for you, Ali Nihat Yazici, the President of the Turkish Chess Federation, made an order according to which Evgeny Surov is now not allowed to stand in the street in front of the entrance to the playing hall.

Evgeny Surov:

"The photo you can see above was made by me from the spot where I was standing today from 14:40 local time. I've been talking to my wife for some time, but as soon as she left to the round some people wearing "Officer" badges approached me and said I wasn't allowed to stand there and that I had to leave the place going out the enclosure. I couldn't get any answer on my request to get an adequate reasoning of their demand: "We don't know the reason, we just got the order." I asked them to contact the person who gave such an order, but they said it's impossible as long as they have only one-sided communication with him. 

Ruslan Ponomariov heard our conversation and came along supporting me, he said that I have a right to stand in the street without having any accreditation. This of course hasn't changed the situation.

This is how our conversation was going on until 15:00, several times I was threatened that if I wouldn't leave the territory they would call the guards. I turned on the dictaphone around 15:00, you can listen to what was happening in the audio player [in Russian and English].  

First these people approached me. 

Then the man on the left joined them - he was the one who told me that I wouldn't get the accreditation on the very first day. It seems that he is getting the orders. He doesn't know anything about the reasons. You can see very nice people from Azerbaijan in the center and on the right, they've been translating for me the conversation. "Just between ourselves" they hinted that the truth is on my side in this situation, but at the same time they noted that they can't do anything and they just asked me to fulfill the order. 

After I turned off the dictaphone I left the place, because I only wanted to take pictures of the players going to the playing hall, but as you already understood the shooting was disrupted." 


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