Are You Satisfied With The Answer, Kirsan Nikolayevich?

Время публикации: 07.09.2012 18:00 | Последнее обновление: 07.09.2012 18:15

Dear FIDE President Mr. Ilyumzhinov!

Are you satisfied with the FIDE Vice-President and the Chairman of the Olympiad Organizing Committee reply for your demand to give me an acceditation?

"We have received both appreciation and expressed concern regarding an individual who is not accredited as journalist or as a guest to the Olympiad venue.
First, the mentioned person is not a journalist. Second, we do not want to turn a blind eye, even to those present as guests, who attempt to improperly influence the organizers. These actions are unprofessional and will not be tolerated.
I ask to those parties who have expressed concern on this matter and published open letters to think about the rights of the organizer. We do not wish to pursue legal actions against this individual, wasting precious monetary resources that would otherwise benefit chess at many levels.
Additionally, we do not wish to engage with parties that have handled matters in an unprofessional manner. Finally, we do not have the option of making a claim to the FIDE Ethics Commission on this matter, as there is not a clear procedure which addresses journalists and media in chess.
In light of the aforementioned information, we give our full support to the FIDE President’s proposal to establish a commission and clear procedures for accreditation of chess journalists. This proposal will be discussed on the 83rd FIDE Congress and General Assembly."

Evgeny Surov, editor-in-chief



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