Ilya Levitov: "I Am Ready To Kill Anyone Who Dares To Say Something Bad About That Team"

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Russian Chess Federation CEO Ilya Levitov told his opinion about the men and women teams results on the Olympiad in Istanbul.

"After round 8 women seemed to have little chance to win but men had no chances to lose, says Ilya Levitov in the interview given to Russian chess Federation site. All the key matches have beem played and it is quite easy to finish the tournament. However when Tanya Kosintseva wasn't able to win an endgame against Lahno, it seemed that it was impossible to win the Olympiad if you can't win such positions.

It's hard to understand what has happenned to our men afterwards. I think the guys they were simply, extremely tired. I don't complain but they had a tough calendar. Starting from round 2 we played with very strong teams, nobody had the same. The team hoevplayed very well this part of the tournament, won all the matches except the fight against Armenia and at that moment it seemed that there's nothing to fear about. But here people became worn out. When I watched Russia vs USA match I saw, I felt it - Kramnik and Grischuk were really exhausted. I have never seen Grischul so tired, it was a shock. During his endgame with Kamsky he seemed extremely tired. And Vladimir played not as well as he can either

I have nothing to reproach them for - I am ready to kill everyone who dares to say something bad about that team. They did everything they could and it seems to me that they had a very friendly atmosphere - they helped each other and were eager to win. Grischuk played all the 11 games. I knew he wanted to win the golden medal for Russia. It's a pity the guys couldn't do it though. 

Jakovenko and Kramnik tried hard, Karjakin pressed and pressed forward. You should see Tomashevsky, when he felt so emotional about his game, having agreed for a draw against a player from Argentina when Jakovenko's position was a difficult one...

I personally think that the Olympiad is the hardest chess tournament actually - at least among the tournaments I have seen these 10 years. It is the hardest competition. You should always think about many factors and not only about your game and your position. You should never forget the score, you need to evaluate your fellow mates' positions and games, and you sometimes need to win the drawish games if your team needs that. Everyone feels a very strong responsibility. I have visited several Olympiads but it's for teh first time I saw such a struggle and such a pressure.

Levitov thinks that China is not at all a dominating nation in chess.

"We never looked worse than them and the number of positions that we have won is great. I think it was a right decision to send two more coaches with each team apart from the Head coach. I think that neither men nor women had bad opening positions during the tournament".

The CEO said that chess national tea, needs infrastructure.

"It's not enough to pick up four or five good guys and send them to play for a team. You need someone to care about the health, somebody in place, on the Olympic Venue. You are under high tension and you need to care about that. Someone might need a psychologist or a specialist of that field. You need to create a complex team. And we started doing that: we are now working on the contract system, we settle a fix sum of prize money and we increase a number of coaches. There was no doctor at the tournament, while Armenian team takes one with them. That's why up to round 7-8 they are fresh and we are a bit tired. I am sure that if our team would be fresh before the match with US - there wouldn't be any problems. We were ahead of all the rivals having 2 points in hand all the main teams were already passed. That's is our advantage and we need to make use of it. The Olympiad is becoming quite a tough struggle and we not only need to catch the others but overtake them in advance in all possible fields. We are not better than other if we speak only about chess - there is no difference what is your rating at the Olympiad. Look at the Armenian team - for many years not the top players still play very well for this country like Akobian and Sargissyan. Two important points were made by Movsesyan - he won Grischuk and Almasi. We need to make the other preparation options better".

Russian chess federation still have a high level of trust for Dokhoian.

"Yury Dokhoian is a professional of a very high class. The guys told me that the team atmosphere is great and that they like working with him. He is quite a strict person but he can only fight for the first place - it is his principle. I came up to him during one of the rounds to tell something funny and when he looked at me I just wanted to run away. he only knows one result - it is a victory. I am sure we will be winners. It's not coming quickly but I am sure he will make a team that will dominate the chess world for many years. I am glad we have such a coach".

* * *

We cite here a part of an interview with Alexey Dreev which was taken a year ago. The discussion was related to the team of Russia.

А.DREEV: ...It requires extra money but it seems that other teams have agreed for it. I am sure we need to have a doctor - as far as I know we had no doctor. When we played with Kasparov he had a doctor - it was his personal one however but he helped us. Everyone has problems - one can't sleep others take unknown pills and they can't play after it - a doctor is a doctor he knows how to help.

Е.SUROV: The championship was one by a team who had a doctor. 

А.DREEV: It's right. A doctor can easily be capable of doing a massage. It's wonderful to make a massage before the game. All teams take a doctor with them - it's not a know how. Chess is sport, why don't we need a doctor. We need to care about it in the future. 


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