Levon Aronian on His Tournament Routine: "Fresh For The Morrow"

Время публикации: 14.09.2012 19:36 | Последнее обновление: 14.09.2012 19:36

GM Levon Aronian revealed some secrets of his preparation for the games in the interview given to the radio The Voice of Russia.   

"I don't really like to start preparations in the evenings. I mostly focus on preparation on the day of the game, before it starts, while a lot of players do vice versa - they prefer to start preparations right after they get to know the draw and continue it till late night, trying to be fresh on the day of the round. I just can't get enough sleep if I'm thinking of chess, so I need to relax - to watch a movie or read a book. The expression "Fresh for the morrow" can be applied to me." 

GM noted that thanks to the doctor working with the Armenian team he feels fresh during the team competitions, as well as during individual tournaments in which he can use the specialist's services. 

"I personally love acupuncture during the competition, massages. You should do some sports at least once a day. We usually play tennis, football or basketball if there are some friends around; but if I'm alone, which also happens, I usually go for bike rides."

The stronger is Aronian's opponent, more interested is Levon to play:

"When you are playing against weaker rivals, they allow you to do all the things you want to do, which is not that interesting. It's interesting when two players with notable ideas are facing each and when they are trying to break each others' plans. This is when the art is born." 



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