"I Couldn't Stay Silent". GM Kiril Georgiev On His Recent Accusations Against Topalov and Danailov

Время публикации: 18.09.2012 16:35 | Последнее обновление: 18.09.2012 16:43

The member of the national team of Bulgaria, Kiril Georgiev explained to our website his recent accusations towards Silvio Danailov and Veselin Topalov. As you remember he published on his Facebook page that the unsuccessful performance of the team at the Olympiad (overall 20th place) is Danailov's and Topalov's fault, who create unfavourable atmosphere inside the national team.

"Three rounds before the finish Topalov gave an interview in which he said that our team didn’t have chances to get into top 10 teams, - Georgiev says. - While at that moment we had such chance. Moreover, our leader marked out my name connecting it to the unsuccessful matches. I have been playing in the team for 30 years and I always did my best. If taking into account this Olympiad 7 out of 8 matches I took part in were winning. Yes, I blundered once in a winning position - and what? Such a disrespectful attitude towards my efforts… Can you imagine that the player of any team which seeds for Gold, three round before the finish accuses his partner in anything? That offended me and that's why I wrote those words. I couldn't stay silent any longer..."

Let us remind you Silvio Danailov's reaction he expressed in the interview given to Chess-News:

"We all - the Bulgarian Chess Federation, as well as players - were surprised by GM Georgiev's statement. To be true we don't even understand what is he talking about. So, we submitted this issue for further consideration at the Ethics Committee of the Bulgarian Chess Federation as long as his statement crushes the prestige of the team, mine as of the President and Veselin's prestige too... If he wanted to discuss this question then he had to ask directly: guys, let's settle this problem, I have such opinion; but when everything's finished and the accusations are written by the player who showed the worst result in the team... That's strange for me."


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