Another Change in the FIDE Grand Prix: Adams Will Play Instead of Svidler in London

Время публикации: 19.09.2012 19:18 | Последнее обновление: 19.09.2012 19:18

The opening ceremony of the first stage of the FIDE Grand Prix 2012/2013 will be held tomorrow in London. We reported on changes in the participants' list in early August: Namely, Sergey Karjakin had to be replaced by Peter Svidler, however, today we got to know that the winner of the World Cup is not able to participate in the 1st stage. Michael Adams will play instead of Svidler. As Chess-News has found out this is the once-only change and Svidler plans to play in the series. The reasons of the replace are unknown.

Thus, we're putting another change in the Grand Prix table. Let us remind you that we're marking all the changes made in the table from the very day it was published by FIDE with green. Every new change is marked with a darker green colour.   


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