Arshak Petrosyan Explained Why "Armenia Is Always Ahead"

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Armenian team head coach Arshak Petrosyan in his interview given to Whychess site explained "why Armenia is ahead of the others every time?"

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"First of all and it's a most important thing above all - we are a real team. When someone says "One for all and all for one!" - this is directly related to our team.

The preparation for each round shows the role of the team leader Levon Aronian who is ready to share his wide knowledge with others. I don't think that this is possible in some other teams. The team which wins all the time has a special leading spirit. We always think that we have a chance to win and we don't look at out tournament position. I will draw an example. last year during the European team championship, when we shared 3-4 place and didn't even get the medals. Well we lost round 2 but then we won 5 matches in a row, like nothing really happened. Actually before the last round we were leading the race. What is actually a team spirit? Well we lost against China in Istanbul. It seemed that we had no chances, presumably because the Russian team was supposed to win all the other matches. Well after the match we didn't discuss anything and started preparing for the next round, so we started discussing what should we do to win - it was a normal working atmosphere though. Perhaps these issues are a key to success. We are not a team - we are a family.

...Well of course one shouldn't forget that we are still a top level professionals. Gabriel Sargissyan managed to achieve a couple of good results this year but he is a bright team player and I can assure you that he goes 100% for his team when I watch him play. Apart from it all the guys are good modest people and we can always deal with any questions together. Our president who is a head of our federation does a lot to make our living comfortable and we do thank him a lot for his support.  

I can describe every player independently. Lets' start from Aronian - he is a real team leader.

His opening support that he is ready to offer to others is very important. He did a great job, having scored first place on first board in Istanbul. Movsesian has scored only 50%, but he won two important games, against Grischuk and Almasi, which has permitted us to win.

That's why he made a great job that helped us to win. well, when he joined the team it became better and we now have 4 powerful boards which became quite clear during the Ningbo world championship. Vladimir Akobian who took the second place on his board showed a wonderful play, having won 5 games and drawn the other 5. 

He is always stable. But Sargissyan is a team spirit holder. He plays all the games and is just a wonderful fellow.

I trust him, you know, I am sure he will throw everything for victory no matter how he feels and whether he is alright. In Dresden-2008 he showed the best play, I mean he is the one who forms the team itself. This year we had a rule of 5 players. Top 4 are selected according to their rating and the fifth is the country champion so everyone knows that no matter what is your rating, if you get the title - you are in the team. That stimulates chess in the country. This year, the title was won by Petrosyan and he is number 5 in our rating list.

So actually we had 5 strongest players in the history of chess in Armenia. Tigran also played well, having scored 2.5 points out of 3 in three first rounds, but then we played with our top 4 players.

... I think that if you play well enough I don't see any reasons to change anything. When you are playing an individual tournament noone can help you to play in his turn.

...We don't have any secrets, I assure you. We simply prepare against a definite opponent together and then we split into groups.

... Our players feel their great responsibility for the results during tournaments and they do their job very well. I really sometimes feel surprised to see that. But as we win every time we feel stronger to win the next time. We have the same team composition all the time so there are no secrets.


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