Chess-Train: the Second Route via Central Europe

Время публикации: 22.10.2012 11:30 | Последнее обновление: 22.10.2012 11:48

Photos from the spot

The open rapid tournament in the train took place in October for the second year in a row. This time the dates of the competition coincided the ones of the European Club Cup, so the unusual tournament stayed in a shadow of the bigger event (last year Evgeny Surov reported from the Chess-Train). The tournament was weaker than the last year, GM Martin Petr (2521) dominated the competition and took 13 out of 13.
The final standings

The players were determining the strongest while travelling via Prague - Dresden - Wroclaw - Piestany - Vienn - Prague. 

The winner got the prize from the organizer of the event Pavel Matocha

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  • The organizer of the "Chess Train" project Pavel Matocha announces that the second open tournament on wheels will be held in October 12-16, 2012. This time train will go through Prague - Dresden - Wroclaw - Piestany - Vienna  and return to Prague. 

  • An unusual action was held today in the Hotel Sport located in Eilat, Israel: chess was played under water. 

    There were played several games. The players rather tried to play. Eitan Orbach, one of the best swimmers of Israel, the finalist of the Sydney Olympiad was in the spotlight.

  • The weather was excellent today in Wijk - windless with the sun shining and even warming a bit. 

  • Emergency in Wijk. All citizens went out into the streets and head to the sea. 

    A calm and measured life has been disturbed.

  • The participants get ready for their tenth games at Wijk aan Zee and the spectators prepare to watch them playing for the tenth time. And it seems like it's not bothering yet... Soon everything will be illuminated, the tournament reaches its decisive phase. 

  • Here you can find the visual side of the Wijk aan Zee tournament. Have a look at everything that wasn't written, but was photographed. 

  • Ladies and gentlmen, I hope all the details of the second round of the Wijk aan Zee Super-GM tournament will be included in today's photo spread.  

    To start with, Ekaterina Lahno to your attention.