Anand, Gelfand, Kramnik and Caruana Will Meet in Zurich

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Two weeks before the Candidates tournament and 60 years after it    

The second Zurich Chess Challenge will be held from February 23 to March 1 2013 in Savoy Hotel (you can see it on the photo) located in Zurich. The first and successful one took place in April 2012 when Kramnik and Aronian faced each other in the match.

This time 4 GMs will come to Zurich: World Champion Vishy Anand, his recent challenger Boris Gelfand, the former champion Vladimir Kramnik and a young star Fabiano Caruana. The Italian is the only one out of this company who hasn't been neither champion, nor challenger, while Anand and Kramnik have tried both statuses.

The participants will play a double round-robin with 120'+60'+(15'+30'') time control. This is the time control which will be used in the Candidates tournament scheduled to March. The competition will be an important stage of preparation for Kramnik and Gelfand. If the game will finish in a draw before the 40th move the participants will play an editional rapid game. The result of the rapid won't be counted. Let us remind you that in Kramnik - Aronian match the rules were not that "strict": the rapid game was played in the case if the main game was finsihed earlier than in three hours.

The competition is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the famous Candidates tournament held in Zurich, the winner of which was Vasily Smyslov. 

International Gemological Laboratories directed by Oleg Skvortsov is again the main sponsor of the competition. 



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